Member Benefits

Have you considered becoming a member of the Chamber? Some of the reasons why members are members:

  • The Chamber is the front door to this community, your marketing and resource center.
  • The Chamber provides hundreds of referrals each month either through email, telephone, written or in-person inquires at the office.
  • To receive the tangible benefits of the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, MasterCard and Visa merchant discount rates and other volume discount programs.
  • As a member of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce, you have direct input into the drafting of policies, which are put forward to the Alberta and Federal Governments.
  • To receive the benefits of seminars and surveys.
  • Tax deductible membership fees and General Meeting expenses.
  • Opportunities to network and market your services/products to other business owners/professionals in the community.
  • Opportunities to voice your opinion on issues affecting your business.
  • Most of all, members have an active voice in the economic future of the area.

The Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit voluntary organization. As a member you support an effective, vibrant organization working to lobby on your behalf, address critical business issues and concerns, protect your investment, provide a voice that is heard, and be YOUR business partner. The Chamber is YOUR business advocate and vital to any business community. Through the efforts of its Board of Directors and membership, the Chamber assists in the maintenance and development of social and economic standards for Vegreville. All of this is accomplished through the combined efforts of its members – people like you.

Your local Chamber provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community; it speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation and education that affect your business because you are located in the area. As a member of your local Chamber you make that voice even stronger to speak on your behalf. Your membership investment allows your local Chamber to be a resource of information and services for the business community and the region that it serves.

To view a listing of benefits provided by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce,